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J 6.2


Built for Pocket PC: iPaq SA1100, console mode

Fig. 1. J shortcut in Start Menu. Icon is linked as resource Fig. 2. Console application -- typical session. Console is built as for Palm-size, so the keyboard and scroll bars are not well positioned.

Fig. 3. Console without keyboard. Fig. 4. script run. File I/O operations work fine.

Fig. 5. Font Size changed to 8, a point larger. The face is Andale Mono. Fig. 6. Console Logo. The console.dll used is from MS Platform Builder 3.0.

Fig. 7. Folder tree. Typical, taken from the instalation of J6.2. Files are copied through Explore, rather than "My Documents" to avoid long absolute paths. Fig. 8. Explorer view. J can start as any executable just by selecting the icon.

Fig. 9. HTML Dictionary from J 4.06 beta. Slightly bulk-formated for the PocketPC form factor. Fig. 10. Dictionary entry. To compensate the narrow screen size, orientation of monadic/dyadic uses were changed from horizontal to vertical.

Fig. 11. Dictionary cont. Layout and usage of tt style render satisfactorily. Fig. 12. Main. Layout with Fit to Window disabled

Fig. 13. External Editor Browsing foreings. Fig. 14. Test Scripts Switching between editor and console is easy and works even better than old dos screen editor.

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