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cover classes for COM / ActiveX / OLE  controls

Now has a version for J 50x


Fig. 1. dlistview shows minimal interface to the ListView control. The right image demonstrates the ability to use several controls on one form due to OPP organization.


Fig. 2. dtreeview shows minimal interface to the TreeView control. J form elements can manipulate control properties.


Fig. 3. dlocbrowse is a complete application for browsing J locales. It features combined and separete data classes views, data attributes, shows defining script file, allows open and scriptdoc on the selected item. Window below shows visual representation of the item.


Fig. 4. dbrowse is a prototype of J file system explorer. The right pane may show file contents, list of global definitions, dependencies, etc. Possible enchancement for project manager.


Fig. 5. dmsflexgrid shows an interface to the MSFlexGrid control. By its features and integration with J, MSFlexGrid is not superior to generic J grid, however programming interface, esp. with this OOP cover is much more convenient.


Fig. 6. dweb shows minimal interface to the WebBrowser control.

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